Tech Guru Demonstrates Y Savvy

Tech Guru Demonstrates Y Savvy

As I was catching up with podcasts this morning on my way to the Decatur Family YMCA, I had a pleasant surprise. Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway do one of the smartest and most entertaining tech business roundups I know on their show Pivot. In the episode “Tech Meltdown in Iowa” they were discussing, among other things, the fortunes of Peloton and Soul Cycle, when Kara, who has previously talked about how much she likes her Peloton exercise bike and how sad she is about what has become of SoulCycle, offered this aside about 37 minutes into the program:

I also joined the Y this week, because I think the Y is great and I want my kids to go there … I like community-based things like that … I like to go out and do things with people.

YMCA members are unlikely to be surprised at endorsements like this from thought leaders. We know that the Y is constantly updating its classes and its equipment, and up-skilling instructors so that workouts at the Y feature the latest in scientific knowledge around fitness.

That membership doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (rates are HIGHLY competitive with other fitness offerings, and the Y offers financial help for families who need it) is just the cherry on top. Even folks who live the Peloton life are attracted to the YMCA!

Disclaimer: I’ve been a fan of the YMCA for 3 decades now. These days, I am also an employee, serving as a substitute instructor for their karate program.

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